5 Slightly Ridiculous Unsolved Mysteries of the Harry Potter Series


I’ve began rereading the Harry Potter books to assist me get to sleep at night time, since I do know them nicely sufficient that I don’t really feel like I’m lacking something once I go to sleep midway by way of a chapter and wish to seek out my place once more. In consequence, I’ve come throughout various tiny mysteries that have been (gasp!) by no means addressed by Pottermore and I believed they have been simply, nicely, good and comforting in gentle of the varied bigger inconsistencies in The Crimes of Grindelwald. I anticipate that I’ll discover extra of those as I transfer ahead by way of the collection. For the document, I can be leaving out something in regards to the mechanics of time journey through Time Turner as a result of that simply hurts my mind, and any ideas in regards to the mechanics of Hagrid’s conception as a result of there are some issues that actually ought to remain mysteries.

1. The wand chooses the wizard (with some exceptions)

Some people who find themselves higher at math than me discovered that, given the worth of the supplies (unicorn hair, phoenix tail feather, and so on.) that go into every wand, Ollivander most likely sells them at a loss. Even so, wands are among the many most dear of college provides. Nevertheless, since wizards worsen outcomes when utilizing another person’s wand, it doesn’t appear to me to be the very best space to economize when shopping for college provides to your eleven-year-old. I perceive why Ron ended up with Charlie’s outdated wand given what number of Weasley youngsters there are, however Neville, who presumably had not less than some cash left to him by his mother and father, additionally used his father’s outdated wand for the primary 5 books and that didn’t all the time go nicely for him. The poor child already had the playing cards stacked towards him, why not get him his personal wand?

2. Dumbledore’s scar

Within the very first e book, Dumbledore tells Hagrid and McGonagall that he has a scar on his left knee that could be a excellent map of the London Underground and that scars could be helpful—how so, Albus? Do you suppose he’s simply going to strip in the midst of a chase scene within the Underground within the subsequent Improbable Beasts film? Possibly that’s when he decides to change to velvet robes as a substitute of these good fits.

three. Quirrell’s turban

I requested some time again on Twitter why Quirrell’s college students thought the turban smelled prefer it was full of garlic when it was really full of Voldemort’s face. One suggestion was that it was simply the stench of evil. It’s laborious to brush enamel on the again of your head, another person stated.

four. The place do the animals for Transfiguration come from?

Does Professor McGonagall simply order, say, a bunch of umbrella birds to be changed into umbrellas? What occurs to them after class? Do they simply hang around as umbrellas till the subsequent time they’re wanted? You don’t need to feed or clear up after umbrellas. (I do know, let it go. It’s magic.)

5. How did Almost Headless Nick get un-Petrified if he can’t eat or drink?

We all know that Nick and his fellow ghosts miss having the ability to style meals, although they now not need to eat. Nick clearly couldn’t have taken the potion that was used on the Petrified college students. Was the Mandrake Draught simply sprayed in his basic route?

I hope I’ve given you just a few issues to marvel about at present.

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