Florida’s Amendment 4 takes effect today, restoring voting rights to more than 1 million people


Final November, Florida voters handed an modification restoring voting rights to felons within the state who’ve accomplished their sentences. Murderers and people who dedicated felony intercourse offenses are excluded. These eligible should not solely have accomplished their sentence, however any ensuing parole or probation. As of right now, Modification four is now in impact.

And it’s a large deal. Florida leaders, and most importantly ex-Gov. Rick Scott, have used the disenfranchisement to their benefit for years. As an intentional results of almost nonexistent clemency efforts beneath Scott, by final yr greater than 10 % of Florida adults had been rendered ineligible to vote. Due to the systemic racism that pervades this nation’s legal processes (see: drug convictions), the opposite (intentional) results of this mismanagement has been to disproportionately block non-white Individuals from voting. And that, in the long run, is why Florida voters grew to become fed up sufficient to revive voting rights to 1.four million folks—whether or not Rick Scott and Florida conservatives needed it or not, and by an almost 2 to 1 vote, at that.


Those who have had their voting rights restored might register at any county elections workplace or on-line, right here.


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