UK still ‘hopes’ for EU Brexit assurances, says business secretary – POLITICO


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UK os already one step additional than EU. “Extremist populist political forces” are a part of the Authorities with ERG.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:37 PM CET

Gordon .

There have to be a re balancing of political forces within the UK. It’s now over 2 years that the extremist professional EU ‘unpopular’ mob, and the anti democratic far left have been appearing in opposition to the nationwide curiosity.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:42 PM CET

Blue Bell

Simply get on an implement it! Venture Concern won’t collect in ample sheep so that you can circumvent the results of the referendum.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:46 PM CET

Gordon .

These within the mob who declare to be ‘Professional EU’ ought to notice that the EU stands for democracy.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:48 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

@ tpk

No, ‘extremist well-liked forces’ are what you may have within the Bundestag, and in legislatures all through the EU. From Could 2019 they may even dominate the EU Parliament.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:49 PM CET

Gordon .

Higher to destroy the UK than enable it depart the EU. Vote for Corbyn’s communist celebration.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:50 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

Why would the EU change its ‘backstop’ demand? The entire level of the backstop is to ensure that the EU by no means has to barter with the UK. If there isn’t a ‘backstop’, then the EU has to barter.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:51 PM CET

Jo Docus

Mr. Clark is true concerning the penalties, and I actually want we may assist him. However how?

It’s all about that Irish Border challenge. The backstop. That’s a pure black-and-white challenge. The UK can both drop the backstop unilaterally, or it might probably’t.

The one compromise I can consider is to make it time-limited (say 25 years) _and_ to connect the situation that NI can have a referendum on becoming a member of the ROI at a time of the ROI’s selection throughout the agreed interval.

However will the extra extremist Brexiteers ever settle for a compromise like that? Will they settle for the notion of a compromise in any respect? I believe not, on each counts.

They’re dedicated to a ‘most harm’ (i.e. Onerous Brexit) situation, for political and ideological causes. They merely need nothing else and can merely convey up one other pretext for scuppering the Withdrawal Settlement.

Subsequently I consider that it’s ineffective to make concessions now. Let the vote play out, see what the steadiness of energy in Parliament is, and take a look at the remaining choices after that.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 1:54 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

@ Jo Docus

You retain banging your head in opposition to the identical brick wall. What you might be suggesting violates the 1998 Good Friday Settlement (NI place within the UK, and precept of consent) and the UK Structure.

You’ll be able to attempt to f**okay over a present EU member as a lot as you want. However you can’t f**okay over a non-member, which is what the UK turns into on 30 March 2019. You’re additionally enjoying a really harmful recreation. In case you stick with territorial calls for after 29 March 2019, what’s to cease Putin’s Russia utilizing the identical precedent to demand annexation of Russian minorities in Estonia and Latvia?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 2:02 PM CET

Paul Burghard

The query that bothers me is the precise proportion of anti-EU extremists in British inhabitants. Resulting from their extremism the are very seen all over the place (right here as nicely), however what’s the share of the typical individuals who unconditionally again them, prepared “to deeply harm the U.Ok. financial system”?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 2:15 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

@ Paul Burghard

Absolutely you could even be bothered concerning the 94% of the world’s inhabitants that’s so ‘extremist’ as by no means even to have requested membership of the EU?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 2:18 PM CET

Anton Lauridsen

@Steuersklav Erei
“From Could 2019 they may even dominate the EU Parliament.”

In case you by ‘dominate’ imply 51% (or extra) of the votes, then I very a lot doubt your declare, something above 20-25% appears to be very unrealistic, given the quantity of assist these sorts of political actions will get in nationwide and regional elections.

Contemplating that, up till now, anti-EU teams have a really poor monitor document of mixing their efforts, let at lone establishing a single coherent group within the European Parliament I doubt they may be capable to dominate a lot of something. They’ll and can make a number of noise, however they can not mix right into a working group.

The reasoning could be very easy, they – normally – deal with two issues, anti-emigration/anti-refugee, and anti-EU. They’ve very completely different agendas in all different political areas as can also be witnessed within the UK’s Brexit debate.

The Brexit vote demonstrated a 52% majority for leaving, as soon as that was established, then all kinds of splits, cracks, and divisions occurred as what, how and when that vote to be realized.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 2:24 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

@ Anton Lauridsen

How will populist right-wing identitarian events dominate the EU Parliament after Could 2019? I’ll clarify. They are going to dominate by not being anti-EU. Salvini, Le Pen, Sweden Democrats, AfD, and so on. will say ‘we don’t need to have Italexit, Frexit, Swexit, Dexit, and so on. What we would like is to REFORM the EU’.

No surprises for getting what kind of ‘reforms’ they take into account! That is the disaster going through the EU. UKIP was populist, and has received very nasty now as a celebration within the UK, nevertheless it was additionally HERETICAL (i.e. it needed Brexit). Heretics (just like the British) in some ways are simple to take care of. However how will you take care of populist right-wing anti-immigration politics which find yourself forging alliances with conservatives and which declare to need to ‘save the EU’?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 2:34 PM CET

Elena Adaal

“Transport Secretary Chris Grayling warned tbat blocking Brexit would result in extremist populist political forces.”

Frirst I might say: go searching you and see the ugliness that Brexit has brought on already. For now evidently persevering with with Brexit is the way more harmful route.

Anyway, the answer to the Brexit populism is to put the blame sqarely the place it belongs: the snake-oil salesmen that lied and lied and lied endlessly, cheated and dedicated fraud to win the referendum. Farage, BoJo, Fox, Gove and sever others have so much to reply for.

Its ridiculous that wise individuals really feel in any means sure by such a flawed referendum

Posted on 1/12/19 | three:23 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


Says the man who has but to cease utilizing partitions for head-banging.

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:42 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


Actually? Have both joined the yellow vest mob but?

Could I counsel an pressing session of the OED beginning with the phrases ‘democratic’ and democracy; because you’re clearly one other on right here who hasn’t a clue as to both.

As to your remark so typical Russian troll.

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:47 PM CET

Patricia Wilson

Blue Bell

If circumvention means prevention of precise hurt what’s your ;downside?

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:48 PM CET


Elena Adaal
“blocking Brexit would result in extremist populist political forces”

You didn’t tackle the issue which is ironic in some ways.

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:50 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


Do you submit your feedback merely so the extra wised up can have amusing?

Particularly those that learn Pravda.


Posted on 1/12/19 | four:50 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


You forgot concerning the annexation of Karelia Finland

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:52 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


You forgot concerning the annexation of Karelia Finland and also you neglected Lithuania

Posted on 1/12/19 | four:53 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


My daughter lately visited Estonia whose authorities are greater than nicely conscious of the Russian downside of which the Russian minority is just one.

And what are White Van Males going to do when stag-do’s in Vilnius and Benidorm now not develop into attainable?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:01 PM CET

Maurizio Bertini

@ Steuersklav

Everyone knows it’s your moist dream, however I’m assured that there are by far not sufficient voters and conservative politicians within the EU who’d fall for that trick.

I totally agree with Anton Lauridsen. Simply three examples of populists working collectively:
1) Let’s wait and see how the brand new so-called Italo-Polish axis retains collectively Salvini’s admiration for Putin and Poland’s extraordinarily justified concern of Russia.
2) Within the left nook of the ring: the populist and newly-invented Italian nationalist Salvini. In the appropriate nook: the populist Austrian authorities, prepared to dam the Brenner border and providing Austrian citizenship to German-speaking South Tyroleans.
three) Salvini and most Italians need migrants to be redistributed all around the EU. Who’re the strongest opponents? Precisely: the Visegrád nations.

By the way in which, EU means EUROPEAN Union and never World Union. Most nations of these 94% you continually babble about don’t qualify for EU membership. And virtually all these 94% are extra pleasant or not less than a lot much less hostile to the EU than most Brexiteers.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:12 PM CET


Patricia Wilson
“Do you submit your feedback merely so the extra wised up can have amusing?”

I don’t see any “wised up” individuals right here.

The answer appears to be to disregard the wailing of “white van man” who really feel
disenfranchised and ignored and proceed precisely as earlier than which can in some way magically scale back populism and discontent throughout the continent.

I’m in awe.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:13 PM CET

Peter Monta

This appears inevitable to me. The Brexiters won’t ever ever settle for that any adversarial penalties of their selection lie with them. You might even see the previous stab within the again theme develop amongst them as negotiations are it clear that it wasn’t going to be something like they promised themselves it could be. Theresa Could was a traitor. All Remainers have been traitors. Anybody who dared to talk to probably issues was a concern monger. However their chief ire and infinite grievances will certainly be reserved for the opposite 27 nations of the EU who did not make their Brexiter goals come true. No self fulfilling prophecy was ever extra correct. This may feed additional ethnic nationalism and additional hatred in Britain for actually everybody else and events that cater to it can develop. I count on an exodus will happen of brains and expertise that can additional feed the cycle of decay. It’s all downhill from right here.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:15 PM CET

Paul Nurse

Let’s assume that Parliament willl by no means conform to the backstop, this results in the next decisions, 1) the EU refuses to budge within the hope that the U.Ok. willl select stay over no deal or 2) the EU accepts that there can’t be a backstop and pockets £39bn and agrees to barter an FTA with it’s largest exterior market and reduces tariffs to zero% from the 30th of March, thereby largely eliminates the issues with the Irish border.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:20 PM CET


Change names as you see match.

Normal Melchett: “Area Marshal Haig has formulated a superb new tactical plan to make sure last victory within the discipline.”
Blackadder: “Ah. Would this sensible plan contain us climbing out of our trenches and strolling very slowly in direction of the enemy?”
Captain Darling: “How may you probably know that, Blackadder?! It’s labeled info!”


Posted on 1/12/19 | 5:36 PM CET

Patricia Wilson


Re white Van Man

Why don’t you pop all the way down to your native Spoonie’s and discover out for your self?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 6:18 PM CET


I don’t have or use a “spoonies” oh sensible one.

Posted on 1/12/19 | 6:22 PM CET


“Transport Secretary Chris Grayling warned in an interview with the Every day Mail that blocking Brexit would result in a surge in extremist right-wing teams.”
Errrr, extremist right-wing teams are already within the UK, what does he suppose the UKIP is? what does he considering the killing of MPs is?
Additionally, if there’s extra surge, the federal government has an obligation to struggle that “surge” as a substitute of utilizing it as a political software to acquire extra concessions!!

Posted on 1/12/19 | 6:51 PM CET

Alex T

@”X KM”

“what does he considering the killing of MPs is?

So what number of MPs do you consider to have been killed?

To my data just one. Maybe issues which everyone else doesn’t?

Posted on 1/12/19 | 7:32 PM CET

Maurizio Bertini

Alex T asks: “So what number of MPs do you consider to have been killed?”
Since 2015: England – Germany 1:zero
England – Italy 1:zero
England – France 1:zero
England – Spain 1:zero
Everyone seems to be requested to right me if I’m incorrect. 🙁

Posted on 1/12/19 | eight:03 PM CET


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