30 Teen Book Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, + BookTubers You Should Follow


I love it when I meet teenagers who read. As a lover of books, especially young adult books, I enjoy hearing what teens think of stories that are written for them. Teenagers are our future generation of leaders, inventors, writers, and thinkers. As a teacher, I’ve met so many young people who are intelligent, creative, analytical, and thoughtful. It’s time to amplify their voices in the book community. The following teen book bloggers and ‘grammers and vloggers have a lot of great things to say about books!

Vicky Who Reads

Vicky is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer who blogs about YA books. Her blog is pretty fabulous, with interviews with authors running every Wednesday and lots of book reviews. She also runs a delightful Instagram account full of, you guessed it, books! Vicky is also one to follow on Twitter.

Blog   Instagram   Twitter

Paperback Nat

Bookstagrammer and tweeter Paperback Nat is a teen who loves to talk about diverse books. She makes amazing visual mood boards about books she’s read, which you can find on her Twitter.

Twitter   Instagram

Reading, Writing, and Me

Lauren is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer who mostly focuses on YA books. She posts book reviews, occasional author interviews, and sometimes her own original writing. Also, she runs her own online literary magazine and encourages teens to submit!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram 

Jordz the Bibliophile

Jordyn is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer at Jordz the Bibliophile. Her blog is eye-catching and well-designed. She writes thoughtful book reviews, but she also writes fun posts like Will These Crossover Ships Sink or Swim? Her Bookstagrams are a visual treat!

Blog   Twitter  Instagram


Teen Kester Nucum runs this blog about YA and MG books. Kester wants to “unite book lovers, both big and li’l.” He posts reviews and author interviews.

Blog   Twitter

Some Books and Ramblings 

Sam is a blogger, Bookstagrammer, and is active on Twitter. Sam reviews books, gives book recommendations, and—this is so cool—highlights fanart on her blog! She also posts gifs about books she’d read on Twitter.

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Book Dragons

Clo is a self described “book dragon,” book blogger and Bookstagrammer. She posts book reviews, book tags, and book recs. She also is the co-creator of Bookends, an organization that hosts book-related events.

Blog  Twitter  Instagram

Bookishly Bree

Bree is a teen who blogs about mostly YA books. She posts book reviews and connects with readers through WWW Wednesdays. I love that in her bio she says, “I get slightly angry when people say that YA isn’t real literature. IF IT ISN’T LITERATURE, WHAT IS IT?”

Blog   Twitter 

Not Just Fiction

Charvi is an Indian book blogger and Bookstagrammer who writes some really unique blog posts about books. On Valentine’s Day, she wrote about “8 Characters Who Have Been Through Hell And Deserve Some Love.” Perfect, right? She also posts some beautiful Bookstagrams!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Reading Hysterically

Rubab is a teen blogger in Pakistan who writes and tweets about books. Check out her post in which she sorts random characters into Hogwarts houses! I love her honest books reviews and colorful blog.

Blog  Twitter

Belle Ellrich

Belle is a book reviewer and Bookstagrammer. Her blog is a visual delight, and I love that she includes author bios after each review! Follow her Insta account for book recs! I love the pics of her Beast book sleeve!

Blog   Twitter  Instagram

Lori’s Bookshelf Reads

Lori is a teen book blogger who posts book reviews, monthly wrap-ups, and participates in book blog tours! I love her “Recommendable” section at the end of each book review. Lori writes thoughtful, honest reviews of mostly YA books.

Blog   Twitter 

Liv Reads

Liv is a teen Bookstagrammer who highlights mostly YA books. Check out her stories to see more about the books she’s read!

Twitter   Instagram

The Hufflepuff Nerdette

Alexandra is the blogger behind The Hufflepuff Nerdette. She blogs about all kinds of books and participates in book blog tours!

Blog   Twitter

Rose Petal Pages

Cailin is the book blogger and Bookstagrammer behind Rose Petal Pages. Her beautifully designed blog has plenty of reviews and bookish posts. Her Instagram is a visual delight.

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Lunarary Reads

Destiny runs Lunarary Reads, a book blog about most YA books. I love the tagline of her blog: “Books are a fantastic magic portal.” She posts tons of book reviews, and right now she’s having a book giveaway!

Blog   Twitter

Caitlin Althea

Caitlin, who lives in the Philippines, blogs about YA, MG, and adult books. I love her post about song requests for books! Also, a fun fact I learned on her blog is that she loves ramen!

Blog   Twitter 

Paper Reader

Caroline is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer focusing on YA books. Check out her blog for great book reviews and her Instagram for styled book photos and recs!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Joeyls Reads

Joy is a teen booktuber with a wealth of YA book vlogs! You need to check out her tribute video for Becky Albertalli!

YouTube   Twitter

Scribbles & Stories

Alex is the teen behind the Scribbles & Stories blog and Bookstagram! I appreciate her review style on her blog, which includes sections for What I Didn’t Like, What I Felt Ambivalent About, and What I Loved. Her Bookstagrams have a really cool outdoor theme!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram 

J’s Bookshelf

Justina runs the blog J’s Bookshelf, where she reviews YA books, does monthly round-ups, highlights TBRs, and even talks about favorite book covers! A well-rounded YA book blog!

Blog  Twitter

Paper Blots

Julianna is the teen behind Paper Blots, a really cool book blog about mostly YA books. You’ll find some reviews but also a lot of unique posts about books, such as “Spoofing Titles of My Favorite Books” and “Book Covers With People of Color on Them That Just Butter My Eggroll.” You’ll want to read this blog ASAP.

Blog   Twitter

The Nature of Pages

Ally is a teen BookTuber, Bookstagrammer, and book blogger. Her videos are not just her talking about books, but they include all kinds of antics, often with her friends, including things like battles and singing. Check out her blog for book reviews and her Instagram for quirky Bookstagrams.

YouTube   Twitter   Instagram   Blog 

The Elven Warrior

Chloe is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer. At the Elven Warrior you will find plenty of YA book reviews, and my favorite posts are #RockyRecommends, which are book recs from Chloe’s cat Rocky. You can see pics of Rocky with books at The Elven Warrior Instagram!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Emily the Book Fairy

Emily is a teen Bookstagrammer with some beautiful book pics and recs!

Twitter   Instagram

Shadow and Books

Edith is a teen BookTuber at Shadow and Books. She posts insightful book vlogs, and I love that all her books are arranged by color!

YouTube   Twitter

Librorum In Sempiternum

Deyae is the teen at the Librorum In Sempiternum blog. She posts reviews and thoughts about mostly YA books.

Blog   Twitter 

Ruby Rae Reads

Ruby is the book blogger and Bookstagrammer from Ruby Rae Reads. She posts book reviews as well as other bookish posts, including this one on How to Manage School and Reading. Her Instagram is full of cute book posts and even book giveaways!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

EJ Reads

EJ is a teen book blogger and Bookstagrammer at EJ Reads. She posts reviews and musings about mostly YA books. You will love her Instagram posts about books (and cats!).

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

Lauren’s Boookshelf

Lauren is a book blogger and Bookstagrammer. Her blog is a rich resource of book reviews, unboxings, and Top 5 Wednesday posts. Her Instagram is a beautiful collection of books pics and recs!

Blog   Twitter   Instagram

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