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Accenture spends $1B in training every year Accenture is spending $1 billion in re-training training its employees every year as the company sees its customers are increasingly demanding newer technology-led services.

The tech services major said it has trained nearly 80% of its technology services employees in technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing – broadly referred as digital technologies.

Digital currently contributes more than 60% of Accenture’s $43.2 billion revenue. Nearly 55% of Accenture’s employees are in technology services roles globally.

“We had (nearly) 200000 people across 180 countries and we pitched that as our strength. One of the clients once asked me it is your strength or weakness, do you really need so many people in future.

It was a big question at that point of time we took decision to rotate to new. So our investment in talent is close to a billion dollar globally and nearly 80% of tech services talent are trained in new,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive, Accenture Technology Services.

He added that “technology has become the business” for clients now and a majority staff trained in new technologies is helping it pivot to digital faster.

Accenture has nearly 170000 employees in India and majority of them being technology services professionals. Ghosh said the company has provided easy access to emerging technology training and has an application to track the completion rate across different geographies. He, however, said it was never mandatory for employees.

The company had nearly 140000 employees in India in 2017.

With organisations globally focusing on digital technology solutions for their users; companies such as Accenture, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS are changing their delivery models. This has prompted these companies to reskill employees and incentivise people with digital technology skills.

“The delivery centres were built on five pillars: cost, scale, skill, quality and productivity. Five years back we changed that (and on top of the existing ones ) we created advanced technology centres with five focus areas: innovation, intelligence, industries, new IT and new skill,” said Ghosh.

Accenture said its clients are transforming their businesses and are increasingly looking for experience; efficiency, not only cost but speed to market; and algorithm to make improved decisions based on the data.

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