ANC must use its mandate to transform and grow economy – BBC


The Black Business Council (BBC) has called on the African National Congress (ANC) to use its mandate to transform and grow the South African economy following the party’s victory in the 2019 election.

The ANC received more than ten-million votes in this year’s national election.

In a statement, BBC president Sandile Zungu congratulated the ruling party on its victory and said it was confident that the ANC’s mandate from voters in elections managed by the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa would be used to propel the country further away from corruption and State capture.

“Since 1994, subsequent to our first democratic elections, the vision of our democratic government has been the accomplishment of a new political-economic order characterised by radical economic transformation and inclusive growth.

“This aspiration has conjured a penchant within the BBC, since its inception, where we, as an overarching confederation representing black professionals and business associations, engage government through advocacy for transformation of the South African economy,” said Zungu.

Zungu said transformation must be underpinned by more intensified socioeconomic transformation reform, to ensure that citizens have access to services and resources such as education, training and funding, which, in turn, are vital for job creation and poverty eradication.

He believes that this will be the driving force needed to mitigate the “unsymmetrical status quo of our economy”, which still remains heavily unequal and untransformed. 

“We also look forward to engaging with the new government on matters relating to the fragmented nature of our country’s labour market, which has, deplorably, excluded a significant portion of our citizens in informal, temporary and part-time employment that offers diminutive benefits in terms of economic liberation and advancement,” Zungu said.

He added that the BBC believes that the development of the country’s business communities and acceleration of black industrialists will catalyse economic growth and transformation. 

Zungu said the country’s democratic achievements were testament that South Africans had managed to eradicate the fragmentation of apartheid.



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