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WICKET! Smith lbw b Mustafizur 1 (Australia 354-5)

WICKET! Khawaja c Mushfiqur b Soumya 89 (Australia 353-4)

WICKET! Maxwell run out [Rubel] 32 (Australia 352-3)


WICKET! Warner c Rubel b Soumya 166 (Australia 313-2)


Warner to 150!


41st over: Australia 263-1 (Warner 143, Khawaja 57) Thanks, Geoff. Shakib has four overs up his sleeve for the death, which is a bit unusual for a spinner in the final ten. I don’t think Mortaza has got his sums quite right in those middle overs. Anyway, sure enough, Warner is happy with it, swapping his stance and getting it over third man for four! Clever. The power is there too, heaving the spinner over the short boundary at midwicket a lonnnng way back. 13 from it. Buckle up.

40th over: Australia 250-1 (Warner 133, Khawaja 54) Nothing streaky about that one! Warner drives straight, and clean, and true. Over Rubel Hossain’s head and back down the ground for six. Nearly hit it to me up here in the commentary box. Then flicks a couple through backward square.

“Evening Geoff/Adam,” says Phil Withall. “I know you two are pretty close and have done a hell of a lot together but giving up any pretense of security on you computer seems a little bit too trusting. I have a lot of trust in my daughters but wouldn’t let them anywhere near any of my means of communication. The 21 Jump Street style relationship I have long imagined you having seens to have been confirmed.”

If I may commit heresy, I refer to the 21 Jump Street reboot, where Jonah Hill says to Channing Tatum, “I f***ing cherish you.” We’re pretty much in joint bank account territory, don’t worry.

Speaking of, here’s Adam for half an hour. Email me, it’s fine.

Half century! Usman Khawaja 50 from 50 balls



Century! David Warner 100 from 109 balls



29th over: Australia 165-1 (Warner 87, Khawaja 18) Thanks Adam. Soumya Sarkar will bowl his fifth over, which he’s only done once before in ODIs. He probably won’t get a sixth though, because Warner clouts him through long-off, then carves him through cover. 1 for 29 from five overs. Warner eyeing off another hundred.

Alan Trench writes, “I doubt there’s such a thing as a definitive book on the game (and there’s certainly a lot of dross). There are two excellent books on cricket in the Indian sub-continent, which shouldn’t be overlooked. Ramachandra Guha’s splendid A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Indian history of a British Sport is sadly hard-to-find (and, scandalously, out of print), but well worth trying to get hold of. Peter Oborne (yes, the high-Tory political commentator) wrote a good book on Pakistani cricket, Wounded Tiger, which tells one a lot about Pakistan’s social and political history since Partition too.”

The very best history of Pakistan cricket is The Unquiet Ones, by Osman Samiuddin. Wonderful title, wonderful book. Must read.

28th over: Australia 153-1 (Warner 77, Khawaja 16) Up comes Australia’s 150 with Warner push down the ground off Mehidy. This is real middle overs accumulation batting now, neither of the left-handers attacking the ropes. This is a good place for Khawaja to be, ticking the board over without a lot of pressure to get into his innings. Back to Geoff. I’ll catch you for the final ten!


WICKET! Finch c Rubel b Soumya 53 (Australia 121-1)

I’ve only gone and got Bangladesh a wicket four balls after taking over! Soumya Sarkar has been turned to as a change bowler by Mortaza and he’s created an error from seemingly nowhere. Finch has tried to steer him down to the gap at third man but instead, has given catching practice to the fielder there inside the circle, Rubel doing the rest. The pro-Bangladesh crowd are UP AND ABOUT.

Rubel is congratulated by Mushfiqur after taking the catch to dismiss Finch for 53.

Rubel is congratulated by Mushfiqur after taking the catch to dismiss Finch for 53. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

Bangladesh fans celebrate as Finch returns to the pavilion.

Bangladesh fans celebrate as Finch returns to the pavilion. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


Half century! Finch 51 from 47 balls

20th over: Australia 117-0 (Warner 59, Finch 52) A gift from Mehidy for Finch, full and outside leg stump, and he can just turn it away to fine leg for four. His pile of runs grows ever larger.

Right then. Adam Collins and I will be handballing the blog back and forth a bit today, as per radio broadcasting requirements. He’s on for the next little while, but you can keep emailing me and he’ll get those messages. Back shortly.

Finch celebrates his half-century.

Finch celebrates his half-century. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images


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