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I will probably make this again within the week. Miso made the crumble buttery and also weirdly fruity. It seeped into the rest of the cake just enoughhould to give it a touch of nuttiness and keep the brown sugar from getting too sweet.
My partner who hates sweets had two slices back to back.

One note; I baked this in an 8″ Springfield and just lined it with parchment. I love how simple the parchment was but I should have stuck to the 9″ pan since mine took much longer to bake. Whatever I’m here for it.

anjeSavannah, GA10/06/19

Made this last night. It took over an hour to bake at 350 degrees. Mine didn’t burn, I did not put foil on the top. Tasted it this morning and it just tastes meh. I left out the miso because I couldn’t find any at my store. Think it needs more sugar. The crumble didn’t turn out like a crumble, just very grainy topping. May want to add sugar to the blueberries to help with the sweetness.


Really nice cake (in our house, breakfast), the miso and whole wheat give it a lovely nutty, savory flavor and the blueberries keep the cake moist. I divided the batter into two loaf pans instead, and baked them for 50 mins. Turned out perfect!!

briittavsCambridge MA10/05/19

Well, I haven’t tasted it yet because it’s still baking, but just wanted to say that I followed the recipe and used a regular 9″ cake pan which is in the oven overflowing and dripping onto the bottom of the oven. It was obvious when I was filling the pan that it wasn’t big enough so I transferred some of the batter to a smaller pan, but it wasn’t enough. If I make it again I’ll use a deep 9″ pan.


Followed the recipe to the letter but the cake came out very dark and burned on the bottom. I use a reliable in-oven thermometer that indicated a consistent 350° temperature throughout the 50-minute bake — I pulled it ten minutes early, even. I also used a springform pan so it would release better, which it did. The pan is a dark metal, so maybe it’s because it wasn’t a standard, lighter metal cake pan so it conducted more heat? I haven’t yet sliced in for a taste, but I’m pretty disappointed.


Responding to the questions: Miso is always a paste. Yes all purpose flour should be fine here, though of course the finished product will be lighter. I’m also curious about whether red miso will work, and it’s all I have so I’m going to try it this weekend probably. Will report back. I think it will be fine, just a more intense flavor than white miso.

AnonymousWilmington, Delaware10/04/19

what is the miso called for in this recipe? a paste, a liquid..? I enjoy miso soup but never considered the ingredients. Thanks for a response

AnonymousCA Central Coast10/03/19

And while we are asking questions here, I would love to know if I could use the same weights of all purpose unbleached flour, versus the whole wheat….Kudo’s for including gram weights!

chefjeff1Sherman Oaks, California10/03/19

Question: Is it possible to substitute red miso for white miso or will it throw the whole cake off?


haleycgRaleigh, NC10/02/19

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