Bread stuffing with Chinese wind-dried meats – recipe


This East-meets-West stuffing is delicious. It is my mother’s bread stuffing recipe, but while she uses bacon, I now make it with Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and liver sausage (yuen cheong) – a suggestion by food stylist Nellie Ming Lee.

Chinese liver sausage is very soft, and slices more neatly when it’s chilled. But lap cheong is very firm, so is easier to cut if it’s at room temperature.

There is no need to use expensive bread for this – I buy the cheap sliced sandwich bread with the crusts cut off. Cut the bread into squares, then spread them on a tray and leave them to dry at room temperature overnight. This way, when you make the stuffing, the bread cubes will absorb more of the poultry stock.

If you’re serving this as an accompaniment to turkey, start to prepare the stuffing while the turkey is in the oven. Put the stuffing in an attractive oven-proof serving dish, then bake it while the turkey is resting.

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