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The first point is, what a farce we are seeing. I mean, Melissa Price should hold a press conference today and explain herself. I know they don’t happen very often.

Today is a good day for it, fair dinkum. If she got in a press conference and explained the decision and explained who lobbied her, what bullying occurred, who threatened to resign from the cabinet, what threats were made over this … this is extraordinary.

The environmental decisions are a matter for the minister, they are not a matter for the cabinet or the government.

They are actually a legal obligation on the minister. And for her to have been, it appears, bullied in this way with threats of resignations, threats of colleagues threatening to call for her resignation, it is just extraordinary. So this important issue, very important for the people of Queensland, and Australia has been affected by this chaos and division at the heart of it.

Now there are still some approvals required. But I would say that our minister for the environment, and as I said it is a ministerial decision, would act in accordance with the law.

We won’t put government money into it. Taxpayer funds, as 49% of the government thinks is a good idea, the minister for the environment should do this.

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