Crane Family Dentistry provides free dental care for the community


CRANE, Mo. — People in Crane are receiving free dental care.

Crane Family Dentistry is opening its doors to the community Friday November 22 to provide free basic care such as cleanings, extractions, and fillings.

“A lot of people have budgetary problems. We have the holidays coming up. They find themselves with a tooth ache or several teeth that they’ve not been addressing,” Dr. Terry Burpo said. “Today is a chance for them to come in and get those immediate, emergency problems solved.”

Dr. Burpo says their office is also providing free x-rays.

“So, we can have an idea of what their other conditions might be, so we can let them know of any other problems,” Dr. Burpo said.

Many of the patients who are coming in for the free care are people who don’t receive regular dental care because they can’t afford it or for other reasons.

“Affordable dental care isn’t accessible or they’ve just been neglecting it or some people are really fearful and suddenly a problem really snowballs on them. So, they get to the point to where they just really need something done now,” Dr. Burpo said.

Crane Family Dentistry has hosted a free dental care day in the past during which they helped nearly 50 patients. They plan to make it an annual event.

“Everyone has a desire to chew their food without pain and the ability to smile. So, I think it’s important to provide care to anyone who needs it when time is available,” Dr. Burpo said.

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