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Today the House oversight committee is hosting a hearing called “Kids in Cages: inhumane treatment at the border,” ace Guardian reporter Amanda Holpuch tells us.

Among those testifying are an asylum-seeking mother who said her daughter died after being neglected by medical staff at a US Immigration Customs Enforcement (Ice) detention center; immigration attorneys who in recent weeks spoke out about the overcrowded, dirty conditions they saw at border patrol facilities; and a doctor calling for medical professionals to be sent into those facilities. Speaking for the US government is the former acting director of Ice, Ron Vitiello.

Attorney Hope Frye, who supervised a team of lawyers’ visit to detention facilities, said she expects that politicians at the hearing seeking to defend Donald Trump’s administration will paint the criticism as partisan. Though, Frye noted, Barack Obama was also criticized by advocates and newspapers for the poor conditions in migrant detention under his watch.

“You can’t make this a partisan political issue,” Frye said. “This is about how Americans treat children. Period. That’s all.”

The House oversight committee is also holding a hearing on Friday to discuss family separation at the border.

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