Europe ‘worse than China’ on trade barriers


President Trump said Friday that the European Union is “worse than China” when it comes to imposing trade barriers, blasting the trading bloc for it’s “very unfair” practices.

“The European Union treats us, I would say, worse than China, they are just smaller. Can you believe it?” Trump told a realtor group in Washington.

About a week ago, Trump announced tariffs would increase from 10% to 25% on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports.

Although the president did not announce new actions against the EU, he provided a lengthy critique.

“They have trade barriers. They don’t want our farm products,” Trump said. “They don’t want our cars. They send Mercedes-Benzes in here like they are cookies. They send BMWs here. We hardly tax them at all … yet you want to send our cars over there, forget it.”

He continued: “It is a very unfair situation. Medical equipment is a very big equipment … We make the best in the world, but they changed the standards.”

During his remarks, Trump announced a deal relieving Canada and Mexico of a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum. The rollback was announced to improve the ratification outlook for the USMCA agreement. Steel and aluminum tariffs remain in place against the EU.

“We all love Europe, but it’s not fair the way they treat us,” Trump said. “It’s a very unfair thing. So we protect them, hundreds of millions of dollars protecting them, and then they take advantage of us on trade. It’s not fair.”

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