Family’s Christmas miracle came in the form of a dual organ transplant


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A Lexington teenager is recovering at a Cincinnati hospital after a heart and kidney transplant.

Marquis’ mom and sister have been traveling back and forth to Cincinnati since his surgery on December 1.

Marquis Davis and his family waited nearly a year and a half for the phone call that came just in time for the holidays.

“I got a call Sunday and she was like, ‘are you ready?’,” Marquis’ mom Sherri Withrow said.

Less than five hours after that phone call, Marquis was in surgery in Cincinnati undergoing a heart and kidney transplant that he’d been waiting on for more than a year.

But, his battle with health issues began long before.

“They detected when I was 18 weeks pregnant that he had a heart problem,” Withrow said.

His diagnosis was hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and his fight would be a long one.

Marquis had his first heart transplant at only three years old, his body rejected it, and he developed chronic kidney disease. The hurdles have taken their toll.

“It makes me mad sometimes because it just seems like it’s not fair.” Marquis’ sister Porsha Jackson said.

But, Marquis remains resilient, shocking both his family and his doctors by getting back on his feet just two days after the operation.

“He beats the odds every time,” Jackson said.

Though the surgery is behind him, the road to recovery is just getting started.

Marquis won’t be home for the holidays, but he will be healing with his family, and they say that’s a Christmas miracle in itself.

“It came at the right time and I’m just happy,” Jackson said.

“That’s the best Christmas gift I could get,” Withrow said.

The family will have significant expenses traveling back and forth to Cincinnati throughout Marquis’ recovery. His support system is working on setting up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to donate to the family, and we will add the link to that page here when it is created.

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