Editor’s note: The NCAA tournament Bubble Watch has been updated through Saturday’s games.

For the first time in years, the basketball played on Selection Sunday 2019 will have no impact on the number of available at-large bids. All of the bid thieves have already done their work, and the games yet to be played may change a seed or two but they won’t take away any bids from any bubble teams.

Afforded this unusual luxury, Bubble Watch can therefore go ahead right now and offer you everything you need to be an intelligent and prepared viewer as the actual bracket is revealed. Here is what we think we know in advance….

By far, the most important thing that Bubble Watch knows is that no one outside the committee room really knows anything. This cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

The actual men’s basketball committee will do just as it pleases, and anything offered by people outside the room is, by definition, speculation.

Fair enough, let us engage in some learned speculation: Bubble Watch is wrapping up this bubble season saying that, after Oregon stole a bid with its victory over Washington in the Pac-12 title game, there are 21 teams competing for eight available spots.

You will notice that, within the group of 21, there’s a contingent of four “should be in” teams: VCU, Oklahoma, Florida and Ohio State. Still another way of thinking about the heart of the bubble is therefore to envision 17 teams vying for just four spots.

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