The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on Thursday released a joint statement at the end of a trilateral meeting on Syria peace in the Russian city of Sochi.

resident of Islamic Republic of Iran HE Hassan Rouhani, resident of Russian Federation HE Vladimir utin and resident of Republic of Turkey HE Recep Tayyip Erdoan gathered in Sochi on 14 February 2019 for a Tripartite Summit

The residents:

Discussed current situation on ground in Syria, took stock of developments following their last meeting in Tehran on 7 September 2018 and underscored their determination to strengthen trilateral coordination in light of their agreements Emphasized their strong and continued commitment to sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syrian Arab Republic as well as to purposes and principles of UN Charter Highlighted that these principles should be universally respected and that no actions, no matter by whom they were undertaken, should undermine them Rejected all attempts to create new realities on ground under pretext of combating terrorism and expressed their determination to stand against separatist agendas aimed at undermining sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria as well as national security of neighboring countries Took note in this regard that US decision on withdrawal of its forces from Syria, if implemented, would be a step that would help strengthen stability and security in country in compliance with above-mentioned principles Examined in details situation in Idlib de-escalation area, denounced and expressed serious concern with attempts of terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to increase its control over area, and agreed to effectively counter these attempts as well as to take concrete steps to reduce violations in Idlib de-escalation area through full implementation of agreements on Idlib, including Memorandum on Stabilization of Situation in Idlib De-escalation Area of 17 September 2018 They also reaffirmed determination to continue cooperation in order to ultimately eliminate DAESH/ISIL, Al-Nusra Front and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaeda or DAESH/ISIL, and other terrorist groups, as designated by UN Security Council

Discussed situation in north-east of Syria and agreed to coordinate their activities to ensure security, safety and stability in this area including through existing agreements, while respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of country Reaffirmed their conviction that there could be no military solution to Syrian conflict and that it could only be resolved through Syrian-led and Syrian-owned, UN-facilitated political process in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 Reaffirmed their determination to facilitate launch of Constitutional Committee as soon as possible, including by agreeing on its composition and elaborating recommendations for its rules of procedure based on work undertaken by three guarantors They emphasized in this regard importance of continuing interaction and coordination with Syrian parties and United Nations Secretary-Generals Special Envoy for Syria Geir O edersen Welcomed successful development of second mutual release of detainees within framework of efforts of respective Working Group The releases that took place on 24 November 2018 and 12 February 2019 constituted important contribution of Astana format to building confidence between Syrian parties and creating necessary conditions for advancing political process Emphasized need to continue all efforts to help all Syrians restore normal and peaceful life as well as alleviate their sufferings In this regard, they called upon international community, particularly United Nations and its humanitarian agencies, to increase their assistance to Syria by providing additional humanitarian aid, restoring humanitarian infrastructure assets, including water and power supply facilities, schools and hospitals Highlighted importance of creating conditions for safe and voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDs) to their original places of residence in Syria They assessed positively interaction with all interested parties, including Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and reaffirmed their readiness to continue this coordination Agreed to assign their representatives with task of holding next International Meeting on Syria in Astana in April 2019 In addition to Syrian issue, discussed recent developments in world as well as their collaboration in different fields and decided to boost joint economic and commercial cooperation Condemned recent terrorist attack in Iran (Sistan-Balouchestan rovince) resident of Russian Federation HE Vladimir utin and resident of Republic of Turkey HE Recep Tayyip Erdoan expressed their condolences to families of victims of this attack and sympathy with people and government of Islamic Republic of Iran Decided to hold next Tripartite Summit in Republic of Turkey upon invitation of resident of Republic of Turkey HE Recep Tayyip Erdoan

The residents of Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Turkey expressed their sincere gratitude to resident of Russian Federation HE Vladimir utin for hosting Tripartite Summit in Sochi

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