Is Dutee Chand’s family unhappy? Sprinter’s sister claims she was ‘pressurised and blackmailed’ by partner


JAJPUR: Athlete Dutee Chand‘s brave admission of being in a same-sex relationship has not gone down well with her family. While the sprinter’s mother, Akhoji Chand, said that it’s not possible for her to accept her daughter’s relationship status, her elder sister cried ‘blackmail’. Saraswati Chand, the elder sister, said that the sprinter’s partner “pressurized and blackmailed” her for wealth and property.

The 23-year-old’s mother said, “I told her (Dutee) that I cannot accept this. She told me that the court has given the order. When I asked which court has given you such order, she told me that High court. I told her that I’m alive here and you are bringing orders from the court. She told me that yes court has given order and all the mentors are supporting me. (She asked) whether you will support me or not. I asked which Sir, Shiv Sir, Gagan Sir or Samanta sir, Achyut Samant of KIIT college.”

“She told that I’ll do everything by the help of them. I told her that I’ll like to talk to them, but she avoided it. So day before yesterday, I told my elder daughter Saraswati that I don’t know where they are staying, you take me to them. Saraswati took me to them but he (Achyut Samant of KIIT) had already left for Delhi and yesterday when all these things were happening.”

“I want that she (Dutee) should focus on her sports as the government wants. Government has given a lot of money to her for the sake of the country. Dutee may not keep father and mother’s name but she should keep the prestige of the nation through her sports,” Akhoji added.

Dutee Chand

The Asian Games gold medalist’s sister, on the other hand, accused her partner of pressurising and blackmailing for property.

“Dutee wants to marry a girl, who is the daughter of my niece, so she is my grand-daughter. In this relation, Dutee will be like a mother of that girl. Then how will it be possible in our society in Odisha,” Akhoji told ANI.

“With great sorrow, I have to say that the decision taken by Dutee is not of her own. She’s been pressurised and blackmailed into marriage by that girl and her family. All of this has been done to grab the property and wealth of Dutee,” Saraswati Chand, elder sister of the Asian Games medalist told ANI.

“Dutee’s life and property are in danger. That’s why I request the government to provide protection and security to Dutee,” she added.

Dutee, the 100m record holder, recently came out of the closet and revealed that she is in a same-sex relationship.

Saraswati, who is also an athlete, made serious allegations and said her sister has been “led into a trap” to “deviate her from sports”.

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When asked if the family is supportive of Dutee’s relation, Saraswati said, “She is an adult. It’s her decision whether she wants to marry a girl or a boy. But Dutee has been forced to speak all this. Otherwise, a decision about marriage could have been discussed later.”

“Those people who claim to have played a role in Dutee’s success are the culprits. It’s them who are deviating her from sports and miring her into controversy. She’s been led into a trap. Instead of focusing on the 2020 Olympics and World Championship, she’s been dragged into this. Every government department has been encouraging her for sports,” she added.

“When a child excels, family members are happy. They get social prestige and people congratulate parents as well. On the contrary, if a child commits wrong deeds then the only family will take the responsibility,” Saraswati opined.

Dutee was hailed for her revelation with social media users praising her courage. Apart from her other achievements, she had made the country proud by clinching two silver medals at the 2018 Asian Games.

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