Jennifer Linnerth From ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Told Alldredge Family She Died


The TLC stars were already questioning Jennifer’s intentions and made phone calls to confirm that she was lying about her situation, which she was. 

“Once we knew for sure, it was easy to walk away and be done. Looking back over the relationship we couldn’t help but wonder how much of it had been a lie,” the family wrote. Adding, “It was a short time later that we found out about Jennifer’s death. We didn’t believe it for a second but we did wonder why she felt the need to fabricate yet another lie.”

 So, what really happened to Jennifer?

The Facebook statement from the family continued to explain that they had no contact with Jennifer until the Seeking Sister Wife Tell-All special, in which she told a story of why she decided to leave … because she had a baby. The family had already been fooled once and did not believe her story. 

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