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‘Jesus Help Us’: Family Runs For Cover As Possible Tornado Hits Okemah



OKEMAH, Oklahoma –
A possible tornado touched down in Okemah, Oklahoma. 

Amateur video shows what appears to be the tornado kicking debris into the air.  It touched down right in the Stokes family’s backyard, as their children played outside. 

“When I saw it come down and I told her. I was like, ‘Sherry there’s a tail starting to come down.’  I booked it in there. I left her behind,” said 16-year-old Sydney Davenport.

Homeowner Sherry Stokes said, “We saw rotation above us, saw the tail come down and booked it to the closet.”

Lilian Stokes, 6, explained, “My mom told me get in the closet hurry. And me and Lorna had our dolls and we brought them in our shelter, and we were watching Liv and Maddy on my mom’s phone.”

“Then we heard a gush of wind come through. The door started kinda [sic] pulling, so I hung on to the door. They were praying behind me and we were holding on to the door, just waiting for it to pass,” Stokes added.

The door held, and the family saw only minor damage to their home. A barn blown down. A playset damaged. Power poles downed. 

But they’ll never forget what they were thinking in that tiny closet.

“Jesus help us,” said Lilian Stokes. 

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