Keep ‘universe’ of books open


A recent spate of letters have called for censorship of reading materials in our high schools. I reject those calls.

I, for one, have been extremely happy with the education our children received in the Conejo school system. Both are now well-educated, independent, high-functioning adults with their own successful careers and longstanding stable relationships.

Part of the reason for this is that we didn’t expect the school system to impose our values; a lifelong series of conversations with us, interaction with us and learning by example provided that for them.

A universe of literature was also open to them and led to many stimulating discussions, which were also teaching (and sometimes learning) moments for us.

If, by high school, you still expect the school system’s impact on your children’s values to be greater than your own, I think you’ve been missing many parenting opportunities.

Steve Johnson
Newbury Park

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