Local law enforcement participate in mental health training program


BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) Local law enforcement officers have spent the week learning more about the mental health challenges they sometimes face in county and city jails.

Photo: An actor portrays an inmate with mental health issues

The week-long training program, hosted at The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, gave local jail staff the opportunity to learn about the different types of mental illnesses, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms.

On Thursday, the students got to practice the skills they learned earlier in the week with an actor portraying an inmate with mental health issues.

The goal of the program is to ensure that inmates receive proper treatment while in custody.

“Our long-term goal is that we can more effectively care for people in our custody that suffer from mental health illness, and getting the people that are suffering from severe cases of mental illness in our facilities where they take him or get more effective treatment,” says Brazos County Sgt. Abby Belangeri.

The course included educating staff from Brazos, Falls, Waller, San Jacinto, and Leon Counties.

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