Maxx Force Coaster Set to Debut at Six Flags This Month


Adrenaline junkies will be able to get their fill beginning on April 19 as Six Flags Great America is set to open for the season, and the park will debut an incredible new roller coaster.

That coaster, called Maxx Force, is the 17th roller coaster in the iconic Chicago-area park, and the new attraction will be a record-breaking monument to the art of thrill-seeking.

The coaster will feature the fastest launch speed of any roller coaster in North America, taking riders from 0 to 78 miles per hour in just under three seconds, according to a promotional video on the theme park’s website.

Once in motion, Maxx Force will take riders on the highest double-inversion in North America, which tops out at 175 feet in the air.

Riders will invert a few more times during the ride, and the inversions are the fastest in the world, with one clocking in at a staggering 60 miles per hour.

In all, the roller coaster features five devilish inversions, and when you combine that with the high speeds it can hit, riders will be in for quite a treat.

According to the Lake County News Sun, there will be several other new attractions coming in 2019, including in-park Wi-Fi later this summer. Mobile purchasing will also be available for food and beverages in the park, according to the newspaper, and can be used via the park’s app.

Six Flags will open its doors on April 19 for the beginning of its opening weekend, which will run through April 21. Riders will be able to see the Maxx Force for the first time, and will also be able to ride classics like the Raging Bull and The Joker, a free flying coaster that is one of the park’s most popular.

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