Monitoring children’s screen time as technology grows in the classroom


(WSYR-TV) – A major concern for parents in the North Syracuse and Liverpool school districts: how do you manage your child’s time looking at computer screens?

This is especially important as more and more technology is being integrated in classrooms.

In the first of what will be several meetings in North Syracuse, parents met with experts to figure out what they can do to cut down their kid’s screen time and protect kids from online dangers.

“We really are concerned about managing screen time overall. So, with the addition of technology into schools we know that is adding to screen time, obviously,” said Shannon Knapp, an instructional coach for technology. “So what we are trying to make sure is that the school screen time is very active, collaborative, and we are having students create so it is not just taking in information.”

For more information on how to start a conversation with your child about online safety, click here.


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