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Love the flavors and textures in each bite! Served this with a garlic/lemon marinated pork loin.
It took a bit longer than I expected but was well worth the effort.


This is very delicious! It’s definitely an involved recipe that takes a little patience and time management with all of the steps, but not technically difficult. I expected the dish to be a little one-note based on the photo but was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. Cooking the rice in all of the spices gives it amazing flavor, and the lentils were great and helped make this a really filling meal. The raisins are a must even if you’re not a big fan like me – the little pops of sweetness were a nice surprise with the rest of the flavors.


Excellent flavours. More work than it seems! The lentils need to be cooked before they get added to the rice and I didn’t figure that out for a bit. Onions add a great deal so don’t skip. Definitely making this again

AnonymousVictoria BC12/02/19

Substituted mung beans for lentils and this worked out great. The crispy shallots knock this out of the park. Don’t try to fry them while you are tending to everything else in this recipe! You’ll already be busy enough! I let my first batch go too far (ie. burned them) and had to throw out both the shallots and the oil 🙁

dlinnenbringerLos Angeles12/02/19

Really enjoyed this recipe! A couple of notes: I accidentally cooked my lentils to complete tenderness in the boiling step, so I just mixed them in with the cooked rice at the end instead of steaming them on top, and it turned out fine. Be sure to take the time to fully caramelize the onions, too! They contribute a lot of flavor. Overall a great vegetarian option, very filling and makes a good amount!

AnonymousWashington DC12/02/19

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