New economic hub in Tucson attracting businesses and jobs


TUCSON- Since Ina Road and the I-10 ramps opened, nearby businesses are seeing an increase in motorists in the area and new businesses are moving in.

One new business is the country bar and restaurant Whiskey Roads that is set to open early August.

“We have been eyeballing this kind of area once construction started because we knew once it was completed it was going to be kind of a big hub for travel for people,” said Josh Arvizu, the owner of Whiskey Roads.

He said that they are already seeing an increase of traffic and cars.

“We know we are going to get those people coming in from Phoenix, Casa Grande, Nogales,” said Arvizu. “It’s just a perfect little spot where you are going to get a little bit of everything.”

Aside from attracting customers driving through, this area is drawing people looking for jobs.

“I am out here looking for work because everything is starting to open up now and I am hoping everybody needs help,” said nearby resident Jamie Helfenstein. “I have been throwing applications all day.”

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