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‘For parliament to shut up shop for five weeks makes me sick to my stomach’

I don’t know whether I am right or wrong, over emotional or melodramatic, I just feel compelled to say that for our parliament to go on holiday then shut up shop for five weeks makes me sick to my stomach. We look ridiculous. They talk about democracy but the whole thing started with Brits in the EU being denied a vote on their own futures by that very self same parliament. It started with the exclusion of people who were best placed to speak about the EU and just went downhill from there. Mary Adams

‘Last night was particularly humiliating for the country’

Truly shameful behaviour from Johnson. Nothing specific. His existence alone is shameful, and the fact that he gets to sit in front of the despatch box with his face covered in a baffled frown embarrasses us all. Last night’s tight five at the comedy store was particularly humiliating for the country, by the way. I suspect Johnson had spent much of his day dreaming up zingers that would play well with the braying Tory audience rather than wondering about how to solve the Brexit chaos that threatens to engulf us all. He’s hilarious. We’re all laughing. No no, these are tears of joy. Promise. KeithTaylor

‘The shutting down of parliament is a sad, nasty, bad joke’

So much for British democracy if the prime minister of the day has the power to shut down the Parliament on the day he likes, for as long as he likes. It is but a sad, nasty, bad joke on this country, its people and it’s institutions. Lee lee

‘For some of us this is a full on dystopian nightmare’

What a shambles. An utterly anachronistic shit show. If this contemptible version of democracy is not (or cannot) be reformed so that it is (1) actually democratic and (2) fit for purpose in the modern world then please hold your nose a little longer whilst we demand another independence referendum in Scotland. If it’s this or that, I choose that. There is a lot wrong with politics at the moment, and arguably parliament is carrying out as good a job as it can to stop Bozo from going full on dictator, but it isn’t enough. Nobody voted for this. We were absolutely not sold no deal. It might not feel like it to everyone, but for some of us this is a full on dystopian nightmare. We are watching the ideologues set fire to the world in slow motion and are helpless to stop it. I am very angry. EpicNinjaCowboy

‘Our country has truly become an embarrassment’

I sat watching the news in total disbelief last night. Our country has truly become an embarrassment. There’s no other way to describe it. expatinscandinavia

‘Whether you like Bercow or not he represents the interests of the legislature’

Whether you like Bercow or not, I think the important thing is that he represents the interests of the legislature and not the executive. The executive usually has enough power to look after itself, and usually gets it way most of the time. I’d rather the more powerful executive was restrained by the legislature, because this is an important check and balance. An untrammelled executive would be a totalitarian one – something those who unfairly criticise the speaker and the judges should perhaps be more aware off. RPDolan

‘Who can be trusted now?’

Today I am weary and very sad. This used to be a country where people knew right from wrong and preferred to behave properly. People in authority had earned their places and were respected, and were trusted to act appropriately. Who can be trusted now? Power seems to be a weapon to crush dissent, no longer carrying the weight of responsibility. Is this a fair and pleasant land any longer? Bewildered1

‘Someone has to have the courage to wrap up or this will never end’

So to recap almost four years down the line: the Brexit that was advertised at the time of the referendum is not deliverable; the no-deal Brexit that was not what was voted for has no support and majority; it is unlikely we get any type of Brexit before next year; any type of Brexit we get will only have minority support and hence unfinished business for the vast majority (deducted by parliament support); and any GE at this point will either deliver a majority with the Brexit party (very likely) or Labour/SNP and Lib Dems – either way it would be a no-deal Brexit v second referendum. I can say this is not going to finish soon and not going to finish well. Someone has to write up their losses and have the courage to wrap up or it will never end. HelloWorld123Over

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