Rant & Rave: Sharing a love of books


RAVE To people who build, care for and donate to Little Free Libraries, enhancing our city and making walking even more interesting, especially when you find a book that you’ve been wanting to read.

RANT To people who loudly carry on business conversations on their phones in coffee shops or buses or anywhere people are trapped with you. We’re not your co-workers and shouldn’t be forced to listen to you try to close that deal or design your app. Take it outside!

RAVE I’m an 82-year-old Caucasian woman who was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and experienced what doctors, nurses and patient-care aides do with such grace. Think of the many years of schooling, hard work and determination these people went through to get where they are now. I met people from around the world, working together like a fine-tuned machine, smiling, attentive and compassionate. If these men and women can come thousands of miles from their homelands, learn the English language and speak it well, and work together in harmony and create such peace, shouldn’t we all get along with the world?

RAVE & RANT Rave to the credit-union manager and team who sprang into action to help when an awful car accident happened outside the branch. One woman pulled a baby out of a smoking car! Huge rant to the driver who hit three cars, ran a red light and sped off.

RANT & RAVE Rant that I was the only blood donor in 30 minutes at Bloodworks on a recent afternoon. Rave for the friendly volunteers and staff and the juice and cookies.

RANT To people at the library book sale for the fill-a-bag special arguing that they shouldn’t have to pay anything if they brought their own bag. Volunteers organize and run the book sale to benefit the library, why would anyone think books are free at a sale?

RAVE & RANT Rave for Amber Alerts and the little bit we can each do to help a child in trouble, but rant to the screeching, loud alert tone. A distinctive but less piercing signal would make it easier to read the message instead of frantically trying to quiet the phone.

RANT To the young adult male, who, when I complied with a request for a hug, touched me inappropriately. I pitied him because he looked pathetic and in need of a hug, but I was naive.

RAVE To the King County Sheriff’s officer assigned to a library where teens congregate and can be a bit of a problem who uses this as an opportunity to form positive relationships and be a good role model. While returning a book I saw him talking with a large group of teens, listening, laughing and having fun with the group. With that kind of interaction, not a single teen was misbehaving or disrupting.

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