Rep. Jon Hardister Releases Statement on Possible Closure of Gateway Education Center


Greensboro, NC – Today Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford, Majority Whip) released the following statement on the possible closure of Gateway Education Center:

It is concerning to hear that Guilford County Schools is discussing the closure of Gateway Education Center. This is a special school that focuses on serving students who have unique disabilities. If the school has maintenance issues, then I would strongly urge local officials to remedy those issues rather than close the school. 

It is my understanding that this is the only school on the eastern side of the county that serves students with severe disabilities. It is important that we maintain access for special needs students who live on the eastern side of the county. Furthermore, the school is strategically located on East Wendover Avenue, near the new I-840 Urban Loop. This makes the school very accessible for transportation purposes.

Over the last couple of days I have heard from several parents who are concerned about the potential closure of this school. I share these concerns, and I implore the school board to refrain from closing Gateway Education Center. It is my hope that local officials will keep the school open, repair any structural issues, and continue serving students who need special attention.

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