SA Post Office CEO Mark Barnes resigns over differences in future strategy


South African Post Office CEO Mark Barnes has resigned after three and a half years on the job.

The SA Post Office released a statement on Thursday, indicating that Barnes resigned over differences on the future strategy relating to the structure of the SA Post Office group and in particular the location of Postbank.

“Following discussions on Mr Barnes’s resignation with the Board, the parties are in agreement on an amicable separation,” the statement read.

The Post Office has assured that the departure of Barnes will not negatively impact the organisation’s operations. “He leaves behind a capable team that he has built during his tenure,” the statement read.

The board of the Post Office commended Barnes for stabilising the organisation and pioneering the positioning of the Post Office as a “relevant access point” for government services in communities.

In the meantime, the group COO Lindiwe Kwele will be interim CEO until the recruitment of a new CEO takes place. Barnes will remain within the Post Office to aid the transition of the interim CEO.

The Post Office did not provide details on the timelines of Barnes’s departure.

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