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Australia’s economic growth is the second highest in the G7, Mr Speaker. 1.4 million jobs have been created under the stewardship of this government.

In fact, today there are more people who are employed as a share of Australia’s total population than at any other time in Australia’s history.

Now, only the Labor party could find a problem with that. And that is why we took the strong economic plan we did to the election and it was a complete contrast to the plan that was taken by those opposite.

What we took was a plan to lower taxes, to ensure that we are cutting the cost of doing business in this country, that we are investing in the skills needs of the future of this country, that we are expanding their horizons of our economy by both supporting our traditional industries and developing new export markets and that we are investing in the infrastructure that Australia needs to grow.

That is what we are doing, that is what we talked of to the Australian people.

Those opposite offered a very different plan. Those opposite took a plan which was going to impose $387bn of higher taxes on the Australian economy.

How they thought that that was going to actually support Australia’s growth into the future was a mystery to Australians and they rightfully rejected those policies at the ballot box.

And so there is a clear alternative. It is a clear choice as we have continued to demonstrate and that is the sound, stable and certain policies – not getting riled up, not getting spooked by the international conditions we are faced with, but ensuring we protect budget resilience that enables us to meet the challenges ahead.

The shadow treasurer would have us blow the budget on reckless spending. The shadow treasurer would have us blow the budget of individual Australians and their families by putting up their taxes.

The shadow treasurer, who knows what his position is on the climate reduction targets? There is a climate fight club going on over the other side. The thing they have forgotten about climate fight club is you are not supposed to talk about it. They can’t help talking about it.

We have support for the 28 position over here from the member for Hunter, we have the, for the 28, but I am not sure if I’m for 45% from the climate change spokesperson, the minute is hidden – like the member for Sydney and the leader of the opposition who wants to come into this place and effectively engage in a protest and glue his hands to the dispatch box, with his latest today, which I know would see the full banning of coalmining in Australia.

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