Spicy Steak Lettuce Wraps Recipe


Loved this recipe! I used extra firm tofu instead of short ribs with the same marinade. I pan fried the tofu then stuck it in the oven for 15 minutes at 375 – crispy and delicious vegan alternative. I also added a peanut sauce on top (equal parts water and peanut butter plus a little bit of soy sauce, garlic, fresh ginger and rice vinegar). Light with a little zing! Can’t wait to make this dish all summer!

AnonymousColumbus, OH06/10/19

Wow, this was really good, and easy. I didn’t have access to to short ribs so I used flank steak and it worked beautifully. Make sure you get it nice and browned and caramelized; it ends up with the texture and umami of crispy bacon but with an Asian beefy flavor. Yum!


Super easy dinner! I grated lime zest into the marinade, and I think it added a nice extra zing. Also mixed up a quick Vietnamese fish sauce recipe (sugar + fish sauce + vinegar + water + julienned carrots) that helped add some moisture and flavor to the rice. I also served this with sprigs of mint and Thai basil in addition to the cilantro. Made the leftovers into a rice bowl the next day and that was delicious too.

stefanie yeungWashington, DC06/06/19

Delicious summer meal! I subbed out the rice in favor of quick pickled red onions and radishes which were great. I imagine the rice would also be good, but I loved the zing and crunch offered by the red onions and radishes. Served this al fresco with a chilled soup for an appetizer and it was the perfect fresh, light, and summery meal.

AnonymousBerkeley, CA06/05/19

So tasty! I wasn’t able to find beef short ribs but I used shaved beef steak and it was still super delicious. The perfect light but flavorful thing to have on a hot summer night. Highly recommend adding the rice to the wraps—I was suspicious but it really keeps the juices inside and takes it to another level.

StelladallasLos Angeles06/05/19

This was a messy but light and delicious dinner. I had to sub the lettuce for boston bibb lettuce which was less than ideal and maybe contributed to the messiness of eating it. The sauce for the meat was A+++, I almost wish I had kept some of it to add to the final product…Molly maybe you can dream up a finishing sauce to throw on top? Overall, totally worth making (and learning how to thinly slice pork) and will def keep it on the summer rotation.


(sidenote- where did the guy below me get pineapple from)


Yuck! Pineapple..


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