Tesla is fairly valued to get bought out, and a tech giant like Apple is the strongest candidate to pitch a takeover bid, according to one fund manager.

Freddie Lait, chief investment officer at Latitude Investment Management, said Wednesday that Tesla’s $52.5 billion market value warranted an acquisition.

“It’s quite possibly going to get bought out for that valuation because it represents what that is,” Lait told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe.”

“It’s already got it’s own operating system, it’s got it’s own technology, it’s got a great brand,” he noted, adding that Tesla’s technology could “potentially” be integrated into another player’s product.

Referring to last year’s take-private episode, the analyst said that he doubted an investor like Saudi Arabia’s sovereign investment fund would the best buyer for Tesla.

“I don’t see the industrial logic for that,” he said.

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