Tesla’s Cybertruck reveal became a sports event thanks to the Internet


South African entrepreneur and Hank-Scorpio-without-the-charisma impersonator Elon Musk has set the internet aflame once again. Tesla’s newest car model is the ‘Cybertruck’, so-called because it is a pickup truck that someone designed on their Nintendo 64:

Elon Musk launches the ‘Cybertruck’

Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Is this contraption sports? Saving the world by building a greener future is undeniably a good thing but only perhaps sports; being bold enough to release whatever the hell design you cook up knowing full well that it’ll get shredded is likewise good but missing a certain sportsiness. If it was a sports car, we might be getting somewhere, but, no, Cybertruck is, (at least hypothetically) a truck.

Might our sport evaluation scheme help here?

Aesthetics: Wib wob?
Difficulty: N/A
Competitiveness: N/A
Overall: Incomplete

No, it does not help. But … what if we throw rocks at it in order to demonstrate its unbreakable glass windows?

Now we’re getting closer. Throwing rocks at cars is enough of a sport that Astros clubhouse attendants watching this video started searching for trash can lids to bang against the wall. But we’re still not quite there yet.

But I know the answer. Dunks. Dunks will make this a sport. Take it away, Internet:

Feel free to make this even more sports by adding dunks of your own!

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