The 5 most popular recipes of the week


This week, readers wanted bright and light flavors to combat the dog days of summer. Add any of these recipes to your menu to stay breezy.

1. Almond Gazpacho With Cherries and Flowers, above. Did you know that your favorite tomato gazpacho has a cousin? Blend up almonds with garlic and bread for an elegant start to any meal — or just make it dinner, since you won’t be able to stop sipping! Topped with cherries and edible flowers, it’s a guaranteed showstopper. Learn more about where this Weeknight Vegetarian recipe comes from on Voraciously.

2. Summer Tomato PanzanellaTomatoes are at their peak under the heat of a summer sun, so why do anything too fancy with them? Simply serve with toasted bread, and save the tomato water to make a vinaigrette that amps up that tomato flavor. Read Tim Carman’s ode to summer tomatoes on Voraciously.

3. Summer Fruit CrumbleWe could eat fistfuls of fresh summer fruit and be perfectly content, but something about a crumble holds the mind and the heart. This is going to be your go-to crumble recipe, ready to fill with any combination of berries or stone fruit. Get the how-to on Voraciously.

4. Broiled Salmon With Mint RelishJust look at this dish. So lovely, so light, so fancy looking. Would you believe it takes only 20 minutes to put together? We don’t call it a Dinner in Minutes for nothing! Head over to Voraciously for the walk-through.

5. Grilled Bang Bang Chicken. Back again for another week in the top 5 is this grilled chicken doused in bang bang sauce, a spicy, creamy peanut sauce that will go well with just about anything. Learn more about this Chinese street-food staple on Voraciously.

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