This was an America First display but USA will not be able to bully everyone at World Cup


It was a put a boot on the back of your opponent’s head and grind their faces into the dirt kind of win, against a backdrop of “USA, USA, USA” chants. Thirteen times the USA team scored and 13 times they celebrated with gusto. There was no easing off, no mercy, it was a rout.

It is certainly ominous for the other World Cup winning hopefuls, a statement of intent, in the same way a parading of military hardware is designed to unnerve a hostile foe thinking of challenging US interests.

Yet, the reality is all it really did was show how ruthless the team are, not how good. Make no mistake, the USA are the favourites to win a fourth World Cup for a reason, they have the best squad, more depth, more options and in Alex Morgan, arguably the best player at the tournament.

Morgan scored five goals in the game, the golden girl from California has probably made sure of the golden boot after just one game.

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