Toddler and family thank AirCare team for saving his life


WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The toddler who was sent to the Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital after inhaling the fuel used in tiki torches is back home. Thursday, his family met with the flight crew who helped save his life.

Barrett Fairchild is a rambunctious little boy, but a few months ago he was far from his smiling self. On July 14, Barrett got into some of the fuel used for tiki torches. He was rushed to Allen Hospital in Waterloo where he was then airlifted to Iowa City by AirCare II.

“Barrett kept us pretty busy on the flight. He wasn’t doing so good when we showed up, but we did everything we could do,” said Chris Rew, a flight paramedic for AirCare.

Barrett would spend the next eight weeks in the hospital. He’s now back home and the family thought it time to thank the crew who played a part in making sure their little boy came home, a debt his father said can’t ever be repaid.

“You can’t really thank them enough. It’s a life debt and you bring them some Rice Krispie treats,” said Nick Fairchild, Barrett’s father.

Barrett, along with his brother and sisters, got the chance to see the helicopter that carried him to Iowa city.

“We just decided we need to start reaching out more to our patients. Our thoughts went to him right away,” said Ron Schlatter, a flight nurse for AirCare.

Barrett still is recovering as he still has medical appointments to attend.

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