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The defining feature of the 2018-19 final budget outcome is a $4.6bn underspend in the national disability insurance scheme.

These new numbers show the Morrison government is propping up their budget by denying Australians with a disability the care they need, deserve and were promised.

Even with a $4.6bn underspend on the NDIS, higher iron ore prices and a lower dollar boosting profits and the bottom line, the budget is still in deficit.

This is the sixth consecutive budget deficit from a Liberal government which promised surpluses in the first year and every year after that.

Today’s result confirms that net debt has more than doubled under the Liberals from $175bn in 2013 to $374bn now.

The government shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back about today’s numbers.

Australia has the slowest growth in a decade, stagnant wages, productivity in decline, record household debt, high underemployment, and declining living standards.

Right when the Australian economy needs action to get the economy moving again, the Liberals have a political strategy but not an economic policy.

Shortchanging Australians with a disability is not an economic policy.

It is time Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison brought forward a budget update to update their forecasts and properly outline an economic plan that supports the floundering economy and better safeguards it from global risks.”

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