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To the Editor:

Trump doesn’t like immigrants except Norwegians, but why would they leave their home? Norway has been voted the world’s second most happy nation. Maybe because there is almost no poverty, public university and vocational school tuition is free, the typical vacation is 5 weeks not 2 weeks, there is generous leave for sickness and for parents with new babies and, among other benefits, universal health care. And there is plenty of opportunity to excel economically as was evidenced by the many private boats I saw in several of the harbors.

But Trump will be relieved that not many Norwegian will come. If they did they might demand that America adopt a key anti-corruption tool of their progressive capitalistic country: all tax returns are available to anyone, online. Perhaps that’s why Norway is 7th best on the Public Corruption Scale and the U.S. ranks only 22. Russia, a favorite of Trump, ranks 138.

Tom Slater, Portsmouth

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