Watch Easy Recipe Of Veg Baby Corn Fritters That Makes For A Crispy Snack



  • Any time you crave for a tasty snack, make this baby corn fritter.
  • It is easy to make at home and will go well with your evening tea.
  • Watch the recipe video here for step-by-step instructions.

Fritters, or pakodas, are the best snack to go with your hot cup of tea, especially during rainy or cold days. The hot, just-fried snacks can be made with various foods like potatoes, onions, cauliflower, cottage cheese and more. This recipe by chef and food vlogger Ananya Banerjee shows how to make vegetarian baby corn fritters that are crunchy, crispy and easy to make at home. Any time you crave for a tasty snack or look for an easy dish at the time of unannounced guest arrival and don’t want to tucker out making complex dishes, this could be your go-to recipe.

You must have tried this delight at restaurants or small eateries, and we are sure you loved it. So, let’s try to make this snack right in our kitchen so that we can enjoy its deliciousness whenever we want.

With just a handful of ingredients usually present in our kitchen, we can make this baby corn pakoda in a matter of a few minutes. Whip up a batter with refined flour (maida), cornflour, minced garlic and ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves and baking soda to fluff it up. Pour some water and whizz up the batter further. Throw in your baby corns in the batter so they are fully coated with it and deep fry them till they turn golden brown. The recipe video from YouTube channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’ shows how to do it with precision.

Watch the recipe video of baby corn fritters here and impress your family and friends at your next cookout.

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