Watertown Daily Times | Education First exchange program recognizes Massena Central School District


MASSENA — The Massena Central School District has been recognized for its role in promoting international education through the Education First exchange program.

EF’s exchange programs give young adults a chance to experience the United States as a native, rather than a tourist, with host families providing safe and secure homes for high school students who want to study abroad for a year.

The Massena Central School District was recognized for its partnership that allows foreign exchange students to attend school in the district. Local coordinators Monique Neaton and Megan Castell and student Fanny Schirmer presented the certificate to Superintendent Patrick Brady and high school Principal Sarah Boyce.

Ms. Castell said she was a Massena Central graduate, is a Massena Central employee, has a child who attends Massena Central schools and is a local coordinator and host for the Education First program.

“I’m here tonight to present a small token of appreciation to the Massena Central School District for increasing global awareness through international education. With a mission of breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography, EF Education First is globally recognized for leading the way in international education. Our school plays a vital role in the satisfaction and success of our students,” she said.

Ms. Castell said the Massena Central School District played an important role with the Education First program.

“We couldn’t run our program without you, and for that we are very thankful. We are elated that the Massena Central School District has opened opportunities to EF exchange students,” she said.

With the close proximity and culture of Akwesasne and Canada, she noted, “We’re uniquely placed to offer a student a broad range of cultural experience.”

Ms. Neaton said the exchange students who came to Massena were anxious to immerse themselves in a new culture and share theirs.

“Each year EF Exchange does their best to review stellar students from around the world who want to share their homeland with you as much as they want to embrace American life,” she said.

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